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Veicoli Elettrici


Una gamma di veicoli elettrici che nasce dalla volontà di offrire soluzioni green perl’ ambiente e  la pulizia dei centri urbani.

This system was designed to eliminate or drastically reduce the pollution rate, guaranteeing Bodies and companies the possibility of overcoming the regulatory obstacles for access in all areas of the city and safeguarding the environment and the health of people. The following are eliminated: atmospheric pollution, noise pollution as well as having a significant economic saving determined by the zeroing of fuel costs during the work cycle of the electrified vehicle. Chassis features:- Total mass 7500 kg
– Maximum speed 50 Km / h
– Average operating speed 40/45 Km / h
– Slope that can be overcome at operating speed 3% S3 – 10 prime
– At 35km / h a slope of 10% can be overcome S3 – 5 prime
– Maximum slope 18% S3 – 3 first courses
– 80/100 km flat autonomy
BIMODAL SOLUTION: Vehicle total mass kg 7500 travels electrically with zero emissions in the urban path for the collection of waste and recyclables. The truck, despite having a thermal motor, is
equipped with an electric motor capable of moving the vehicle autonomously. The vehicle can work with the existing heat engine with the characteristics provided by the manufacturer without any warning or prescription. The bimodal solution involves inserting a power transfer with a 1: 2 ratio (the transference transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy). In electric mode the gearbox must be left in neutral. The electric motor is controlled via the accelerator pedal. The batteries are recharged automatically when the vehicle is used in the thermal solution (example during the
vehicle’s journey from the waste collection service area located in the city center to the truck depot, located outside the city center) in in this phase, the heat engine acts as a generator for the batteries, charging them and avoiding long stops at the charging stations. The electric motor is of three-phase asynchronous technology, rated power 30 Kw 96V S1, starting copy 400Nm, insulation class F, IP66 protection, liquid cooling. Electronic system made with ACX1 750/96 inverter, VCS2 management logic, 2 MAC 2D safety line contactors, DCDC power supply, assembled on a single aluminum base, complete with wiring, accessory parts, connectors and various, all contained in a metal case with the addition of a liquid cooling circuit inside. System operating status indicator with fault signaling and battery charge status indicator, to be placed on the dashboard. Machine wiring, power + signal. Battery of 30 Kw 96V for an autonomy of about 100 km. Testing and homologation for road circulation Hybrid vehicle.